USB Huawei E173

by Bala » Fri, 25 Mar 2011 04:24:17 GMT

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 Dear all,

I want to use Huawei E173 in my Mobile Interface Device(MID). I have
already burned the drivers for Huawei E173 in my device. But my
problem is : I brought Airtel (India) USB Dongle Huawei E1731, I dont
know how to config in my MID. Need to set APN? What is the APN
settings. Please help.
Is Huawei E173 and Huawei E1731 are same. It says Modem Type is Huawei
E173 only.


Re: USB Huawei E173

by FrankG » Sun, 27 Mar 2011 00:23:16 GMT

 Hello Bala,

strange .. you description is not clear for. Do you have full platform
access ? And is you platform usb host enabled ?

Good luck ! Frank


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