Disable Button after click

by pabbot » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 02:54:05 GMT

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 Hi all,

In my application, when I click on a button that inserts a record on
the database and closes the Activity, sometimes it takes long to close
that Activity and some users are clicking on the Button twice. That
causes that the record is inserted twice in the database.

Is there any way of avoiding this behavior?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Disable Button after click

by Cliff Davies » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 02:58:53 GMT

 Set a boolean variable when the button has been pressed and check the
boolean is false in the on click listener so that you don't process it once
it's already been clicked


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Re: Disable Button after click

by TreKing » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 03:03:36 GMT


Just disable the button when it's clicked, especially if you're closing the
Activity anyway.

TreKing < http://sites.google.com/site/rezmobileapps/treking> ; - Chicago
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Re: Disable Button after click

by Justin Anderson » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 03:07:01 GMT

 *> Is there any way of avoiding this behavior?*

Yes. Disable the button.
 http://developer.android.com/reference/android/widget/TextView.html #setEnabled%28boolean%29

Justin Anderson
MagouyaWare Developer


Re: Disable Button after click

by Sourav Howlader » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 04:24:01 GMT

 As soon as the button is clicked, set  button.setEnable(false);
  This will disable the button and will avoid from double clicking it.


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