Paket Data Internet Apa Kira-Kira yang Cocok Buat Android? IM3, XL ato Simpati?

by Muhammad Muslih » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 07:47:07 GMT

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 karena saya udah pake Halo, ya terpaksa pake Flash. soalnya ribet kalo bawa
hape lebih dari 1 :D


Paket Data Internet Apa Kira-Kira yang Cocok Buat Android? IM3, XL ato Simpati?

by Timmy Gunawan » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 09:44:39 GMT

 Xl mah parah.. tp uda terlanjur nomer utama sih hehe..

|simply Mgc

karena saya udah pake Halo, ya terpaksa pake Flash. soalnya ribet kalo bawa
hape lebih dari 1 :D


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Paket Data Internet Apa Kira-Kira yang Cocok Buat Android? IM3, XL ato Simpati?

by riswan christianto » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 09:46:38 GMT

 Wkwkwkwkwk ntar dikejar wiwieth loh

Xl mah parah.. tp uda terlanjur nomer utama sih hehe..

|simply Mgc

> "

Paket Data Internet Apa Kira-Kira yang Cocok Buat Android? IM3, XL ato Simpati?

by Dede Ardian » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 11:26:28 GMT

 *siul-siul di pincak*

2010/3/5 riswan christianto <>


dede ardian


Paket Data Internet Apa Kira-Kira yang Cocok Buat Android? IM3, XL ato Simpati?

by Trisno Hadinoto » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 13:00:20 GMT

 Bos reza betul kata bos dantez, semua tergantung tempat dipakainya. Apabila
bos reza bisa pakai paket matrix broadband didaerah nya maka ini kesempatan
untuk segera mengambilnya. Karena matrix broadband hanya keluar pada waktu
pameran ini saja dan itupun tiap kota hanya dikasih jatah keluarnya, Kalau
disurabaya setau saya hanya 300 kartu yang dikeluarkan.
Paket yang ditawarkan ada 2 dari matrix broadband :
1. Paket 90.000 dengan kapasitas 500 mb
2. Paket 175.00 dengan kapasitas unlimeted.
Mungkin bisa jadi bahan pertimbangannya bos reza.

*saya bukan orang indosat, waktu kemarin lihat dipameran dan dapat infonya

2010/3/5 dantez <>


Paket Data Internet Apa Kira-Kira yang Cocok Buat Android? IM3, XL ato Simpati?

by Muhammad Muslih » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 14:00:36 GMT

 barusan apply Flash Basic yang corporate cmn 100rb


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1. Honeycomb / 3.0 / OpenGL ES / Broken / Again!?!


I finally jumped the shark and got the G-Slate and all my 3D demos
from the simplest to the much more complex result in a blank screen. I
just got the G2x too and have the Nexus S, N1, G1, Droid, etc. and my
engine / platform works great on every OS 1.5+... Auriga3D flies (old
build too).

TyphonRT, my soon to be released platform many years in the making,
manages it's own GL context and doesn't use the API / SDK provided
GLSurfaceView. As things go I've been in a massive refactoring
operation and can't currently compile the 3D stuff for about a week
more (currently using old builds that run fine on all devices
including G2x). This is the exact same thing that happened with
Android 2.0 w/ horrible OpenGL driver support, unannounced changed
implementations of core OpenGL ES methods (was it the implementation
of eglChooseConfig if I recall correctly you guys changed without
telling anyone). So you guys either changed an implementation of a
fundamental GL method or for some reason my GL attribute system is not
requesting a proper context or falling back correctly even though it
works on every other OS and device combination I have including the
G2x, so it's not a Tegra 2 thing.

All I got to say is that did you guys even try to test 3D / GL support
using an example / test case that doesn't use the API / SDK supplied
GLSurfaceView. It's obvious things are way buggy or something is not
right when managing ones own context / surface. Remember exact same
code runs amazingly well on all OS versions with a wide range of

I'm trying to pour some ice water on the back of my neck, but how can
you guys let such slipshod work get released (I really do appreciate
the work of the Android team, but not the poor quality / rushed
aspect). I hope a 3.0.1 is coming darn soon just like 2.0.1 and you
guys fix the issues just like 2.0.1.. I was delayed 2.5 - 3 weeks
finding workarounds for the 2.0 release. Granted 2.0.1 fixed things
too (6 weeks later; 3 after my workarounds), but guess what my bread
winning client canceled my contract back then due to the unplanned 3
week delay and I had major hardship. This time I just finished a short
term contract (non GL and something that got _a lot_ of press
recently), so I'm not going to be out on the street because of this
f'up. Can I now assume there will be major GL issues every OS release
with serious GL fundamental API breakage on major point releases
(let's not bring up Froyo and the borked Java bindings, so I guess
it's not just major point releases)?

Granted again it'll be about a week until I finish up some of the last
major refactoring here and can compile the 3D demos I have for my
engine / platform again and I'll get to the bottom of it and find the
egl error or which method call is misbehaving. I hope it's something
really simple like a wrong attribute combination. My system right now
attempts to grab a context with the following params and backs off to
lower parameters if nothing matches:

"High Quality" (Droid + really all 2nd gen and up devices)

"Medium Quality" (G1, Hero 1st gen, etc.)

So you guys either changed the implementation to a GL method or when
requesting standard high quality settings the G-Slate freaks / GL
driver freaks out and it thinks it has a proper context, but things
are borked.  As I said everything is fine on the G2x / Tegra 2 and
every other device and OS version 1.5+, so this points mostly to an
unannounced underlying GL method implementation change. I'll find it
in a week once I can compile my 3D tests / demos again, but if someone
from Google cares to pipe up and point me to the release notes that
owns up to any underlying fundamental GL API implementation changes
that would be great. You guys didn't do proper release notes for 2.0
and the GL method implementation changes had to be yanked from yah on
this list, so I can only assume the worst and that this may be the
case again. Now the answer is _NOT_ to use the SDK / API provided
GLSurfaceView. Thanks, but no thanks... I'm glad you guys have built
in workarounds or whatever is making all of your platform 3D tests
pass without examining the larger and more fundamental GL API usage.
Raw OpenGL ES API and custom context management / usage should not
break like this!  I seriously want to provide you guys with a non-SDK
GLSurfaceView implementation of a super simple spinning cube and it'd
be nice if it was added to the test suite as clearly you guys are not
testing non SDK oriented GLSurfaceView apps otherwise this would be
caught _EASILY_.

I'd also be a bit more gracious too if this wasn't the _4TH_ major OS
release to have serious low level graphics API problems. Like I said
this time I didn't lose a client over it, I can't begin to tell you
how professionally unsatisfying it is to have a client blame oneself
for a delay when it is out of ones control and despite trying to be
patient and describe that the problem is in Google's court said client
simply didn't care as all they were looking at was the calendar (not a
very good or understanding client per se especially with early GL dev
& Android circa '09, but such is life). FIX THIS NOW AND STOP f'ing
up; seriously a vote of no confidence is close! Sorry.... fool me
once..... but fool me 4 times and I'm going to yell.  While I'm at it
I'll take a dig too; sorry... !!! stuttering on the home page
switching views and scrolling the app tray... SERIOUSLY on a Tegra 2
you guys can't make this smooth as butter... dizaam.. doh.. ;P Feels
like it's '08 and the G1 scrolling the app tray; fix that I say! If I
can get a non-trivial 3D engine running at 60 FPS on a Tegra 2 device
the app tray / homescreen can work without stuttering!

Look I'm an Android diehard working with the GL/ES since ver 1.0 of
Android and have been in the s'ht the whole time. I'm not going
anywhere, but I can't stress it more that you guys need to tighten up
testing / release process and do a much better job. It's been half-
a*sed all the way with big problems every release (2.3 amazingly
wasn't borked; good job!)

Yah.. A rant.. Look I'll be the first apologize if there is a good
reason or something that makes logical sense, but remember not all
clients of us Android devs use anything remotely close to logic /
rational thinking or for goodness sake I'll be launching a major
engine / platform soon I'll be charging money for and if this kind of
thing brings my whole platform down and everyones games / apps, etc.
w/ no easy / immediate fix in the future it'll seriously{*filter*}me off
(5th time, 6th, 7th)... when is it going stop and you guys get
fundamental graphics APIs rock solid? It can't be that hard to provide
basic working GL functionality (and no saying use the provided
GLSurfaceView is not the answer).   Like I said I could be wrong here
and I'll admit it if I am and apologize to this list. That is about a
1-2 weeks away before I know for sure when I bring my 3D demos back
online and can debug / step through GL init line by line and check GL
method call / error states. Until then I'm waiting to hear what
underlying GL implementation changed with Honeycomb... :: sigh ::

I'm OK for now with Diane H's explanation of the Honeycomb / Tegra 2 /
G-Slate 2D API and slowness I see though I'm getting 14-20 FPS with
drawing 1 background bitmap full screen and one moving entity (note 45
moving enemies w/ basic physics at 55 FPS on the G2x w/ 2D API; yes
screen size is smaller, no Neon, etc! but damn 14-20 FPS with drawing
one bitmap full screen and another bitmap; somethings fishy. Something
seems badly borked, but I'll look into it more before I pass judgement
on the apparent slow 2D API.. The broken GL situation is inexcusable;
this kind of thing would have crashed my whole platform and that is
not cool for the future after I launch and people depend on my efforts
and Android to be rock solid.

Grrrr...  And I close this with a ;P but come on folks... I love and
hate Android... Good job at eliciting such incitement, you're doing
something right, but I plead that you get things right / rock solid
from now on as other peoples businesses and livelihoods are depending
on it!  If this is an LG thing, please ignore, I'll yell blindly
towards S. Korea at some point and shake my fists w/ fury; oh yes,



2. Must Have Applications - Android Market

Juragan2x.. Ane newbie (baru aja gabung)..

Mau nanya aplikasi apa ajah yah yg wajib poenya di Android Market..?
Tujuannya seh mau hemat batere & enhance performance..

Thanks sebelumnya..

*S Y A H B A I N I*

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