intent.action_send and intent chooser

by tnull » Tue, 20 Jul 2010 22:20:44 GMT

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 When creating an intent with action send to send some data, is there a
way to filter the results that are included in the activity chooser
that is created using Intent.createChooser? I have not seen a way to
do this other than setting the mime type, but it is not flexible

For example, there is a situation when I want e-mail apps to be the
only results in the activity chooser dialog. Setting the type to "text/
html" successfully filters this down to email apps, except when
bluetooth is enabled. Bluetooth appears in the list as well, but this
is not desirable. Surely there is a way to have a little more control
over the results?


intent.action_send and intent chooser

by Mark Murphy » Tue, 20 Jul 2010 22:31:06 GMT


What are "e-mail apps"?

Only on your test environment(s). Anyone can create an application
that supports ACTION_SEND of text/html -- this it not something
exclusive to "e-mail apps". I would not be the least bit surprised if
there are others on certain devices or out on the Market.

Write your own chooser dialog, using PackageManager.

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intent.action_send and intent chooser

by tnull » Tue, 20 Jul 2010 23:39:13 GMT

 With e-mail apps, I just meant I was looking to filter the results to
e-mail clients, not necessarily anything that can handle "text/html",
which I realized wouldn't work when bluetooth popped up.

Thank you for the tip on creating my own dialog using PackageManager,
I will look into that.


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